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Welcome to
Bay Malton Angling Club

Over 26 well-stocked waters based in the North West.
A friendly and progressive club that welcomes anglers of all ages.


The Bay Malton Angling Club is one of the North west’s friendliest and most progressive fishing clubs that an angler could join. Whatever type of fishing appeals you will find a water that will satisfy your needs.

  • Prime stretches of river for coarse fishing including Barbel in the teens.
  • Specimen waters with Carp to 35lb, Tench and Bream to double figures.
  • Large lakes and dams with Pike to 25lb+, Carp to 25lb+, Large shoals of big Bream and Roach.
  • Small intimate ponds in get away from it all locations, with fantastic access and great pole and waggler fishing.
  • Angling complex with many waters and toilets, a safe environment that all the family can enjoy.
  • A competitive but friendly match fishing scene at Border Fisheries.
  • All looked after by a strong water management team and competent bailiff presence to bring you the best sport possible.


  • Lymm Dam Angling
  • Lymm Dam fishing
  • Lymm Dam Carp
  • Lymm Dam coarse fishing
  • Lymm Dam fishing peg
  • Lymm Dam Roach
  • Lymm Bream

Lymm Dam is a wonderful big water fishing experience set in beautiful surroundings.


Bay Malton angling Cheshire - Membership

When it comes to membership at Bay Malton Angling Club, we like to keep things simple. There are three categories of membership and we ALWAYS WELCOME NEW MEMBERS young and old.


Match fishing at Bay Malton Angling Club Cheshire

For all our match anglers, keep up to date with all the latest fishing match results.


Nay Malton Angling youth development

When it comes young people, we believe fishing can be a powerful catalyst for holistic youth development and can contribute to the growth and well-being of young people.

We actively welcome any young anglers wishing join our club.


Lymm Dam peg

What’s going on at Bay Malton Angling Club – Visit here for all the Club’s latest fishing news.