In January 2024 the Environment Agency announced that £730,000 had been made available to support local projects to protect and enhance fishing in local communities and to help and create sustainable & resilient fisheries.

2024 will be the 10th year of the Fisheries Improvement Programme, investing in English rivers by funding projects to protect and improve fish stocks and habitats, provide new facilities for anglers and to give more people the opportunity to try fishing.

The Environment Agency’s recent move to reduce printing costs by removing illustrations from rod licences has meant an additional £230,000 has been added to the initial 2024 Fisheries Improvement Programme, bringing the overall budget to £730,000.

The EA works closely with a wide range of partners including the Wild Trout Trust, the Canal and River Trust, commercial fisheries and angling clubs. In 2022/23 nearly 200 projects were completed, improving a total of 72km of rivers and 237 hectares of still waters.

In March of this year Bay Malton secured a healthy stocking of 5000 fish at Cranage & Robinsons Meadow through ongoing discussions and agreement with the Environment Agency. The fish were made up of 1000 10 inch Barbel & 4000 chub, dace & roach. These fish were stocked courtesy of the Environment Agency and were sourced from their fish farm at Brampton. The stocking of the river Dane remains an important and ongoing stocking and conservation project for Bay Malton.

A huge thanks to the Environment Agency and all those involved in overseeing this exciting project. On behalf of the club and Environment Agency, we politely ask that members keep us updated on the health and wellbeing of the fish.

Going Forward

The club continues to carry out its regular maintenance and water management of all its waters and continues to manage the restocking of its waters to ensure its future sustainability. We have a good water management team and bailiffs who are constantly monitoring our waters, fish health and the environment.

We are always looking at ways to improve our waters, wildlife habitats and the environment and always welcome any constructive ideas from our members.

  • Lymm Dam peg
  • Conservation work being carried out at Lymm Dam
  • Lymm Dam Regeneration
  • Lymm Dam Regeneration
  • Regeneration Lymm Dam

Lymm Dam

Lymm Dam has had stocking of 50 carp recently with 3 to 5lbs fish, this should give the water a good range of fish from 3lbs to 30lbs+.

The regeneration of the environment and stages at Lymm Dam has been a priority for the club over the last 12 months. Intensive work has been undertaken, building new stages, fences and additional planting to improve the ecosystem and environment. Work has been carried out to include floating fish shelters for the well-being and sustainability of the fish.